Republican Congressman Steve King today said he wishes he had phrased a recent statement about abortion differently, but he said the statement “was objectively honest and accurate.” Last week, King told a central Iowa group that given “all the rape and pillage” over the centuries, there might not be any population of the world left […]
The man who admitted to stabbing and killing Iowa State University golfer Celia Barquin Arozamena was sentenced to life in prison without parole today. Collin Richards pleaded guilty to the murder in June and was sentenced in court today. Before sentencing, Richards sent a letter to Judge Bethany Currie saying he was sorry for taking […]
A Cedar Rapids man who police say caused nearly fatal drug overdoses for two people will spend 25 years in federal prison. Forty-four-year-old Jason Bates admitted in a plea deal that he sold heroin to a customer in 2018 — and that person used the drug and lost consciousness. Medics gave Narcan to the customer […]
Open casting calls for actors and extras are being held in Des Moines this weekend and in Iowa Falls next weekend for a film to be shot in Iowa about the state’s final season of girls’ six-on-six basketball. Annette Duffy is the line director for the Fearless Cinema production of “New Providence” and the cameras […]
Former Iowa Senator Tom Harkin — a Democrat — today said you “can’t fault” the Republican leader of the U.S. Senate for using his political power to get dozens of conservative judges confirmed since President Trump took office, but Harkin said Democrats need to “play hardball” when they’re in power to place progressives on the […]