The 2020 Iowa legislature will not boost the penalties for assaulting referees, umpires, line judges and other sports officials. Bills on the topic were permanently tabled in the House and the Senate this week. Representative Tom Moore of Griswold retired this summer after officiating high school softball games for the past 30 years. He was […]
Some Iowans detest the freezing weather, but hearty snow lovers in northwest Iowa are embracing the chill with today’s opening of the 40th annual University of Okoboji Winter Games. While the university is fictional, devotion to the event is very real, according to Kylie Zankowski at the Iowa Great Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce. The […]
State officials are bringing in the retired director of a Virginia facility for patients with intellectual disabilities to address issues at the Glenwood Resource Center. The Iowa Department of Human Services has contracted with Mark Diorio to provide technical assistance at the Glenwood Resource Center and oversee improvements. Federal officials are investigating physical injuries and […]
Republicans on an Iowa Senate committee have advanced a proposed constitutional amendment designed to override an Iowa Supreme Court ruling that nullified abortion restrictions. Senator Jake Chapman of Adel made the case for it in committee late this morning “This is judicial tyranny. Do we want to cede our power, the people’s power, to un-elected […]
The medical director of the Iowa Department of Public Health is reassuring Iowans they shouldn’t fret about coronavirus. Doctor Caitlin Pedati says while there is a single case confirmed in the northwestern U.S., the potentially-fatal virus is not a big concern, but it’s good for Iowans to have it on their radar. “The overall risk […]