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  • 1650 The Fan listeners have above average incomes and good jobs.
  • 1650 The Fan reaches working men in Eastern Iowa.
  • 1650 the Fan reaches listeners not well represented by Arbitron or other ratings companies.
  • 1650 The Fan features exclusive, popular sports programming, not heard anywhere else in the Cedar Valley.
  • 1650 The Fan reaches 20 counties in N.E. Iowa.

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Radio is #1!

The results are in from Nielsen’s Total Audience Report for quarter 1 of 2016 and things look good for radio. Radio is in first place for mass reach media, as compared to other media forms such as television and smartphone.

The report shows that adults 18+ listen to an average of 13 hours of radio weekly. This marks a slight increase since the 2015 Q1 report.

When looking at the percentage of 18+ users on a monthly basis, radio comes out on top. Here’s how radio stacks up against the competition.

  • Radio – 97%
  • Live+DVR/Timeshifted TV – 93%
  • App/Web on a Smartphone – 79%
  • Internet on a PC – 67%
  • DVR/Time-shifted TV – 65%
  • Video on a Smartphone – 62%
  • Video on a PC – 46%
  • DVD/Blu-Ray Device – 38%
  • Game Console – 25%
  • Multimedia Device – 25%

“Radio has the most consistent share of time spent across demographics.” – Nielsen Total Audience Report

“Despite the upward growth of smartphones, radio remains the platform with the greatest reach,” said Erica Farber, president and CEO of Radio Advertising Bureau. “The data contained within the report reinforces our message to the advertising community that radio is alive and well reaching consumers – regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.”

When it comes to use, radio has the most consistent number of minutes used weekly across all demos versus TV, PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

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