State officials are bringing in the retired director of a Virginia facility for patients with intellectual disabilities to address issues at the Glenwood Resource Center. The Iowa Department of Human Services has contracted with Mark Diorio to provide technical assistance at the Glenwood Resource Center and oversee improvements. Federal officials are investigating physical injuries and […]
Republicans on an Iowa Senate committee have advanced a proposed constitutional amendment designed to override an Iowa Supreme Court ruling that nullified abortion restrictions. Senator Jake Chapman of Adel made the case for it in committee late this morning “This is judicial tyranny. Do we want to cede our power, the people’s power, to un-elected […]
The medical director of the Iowa Department of Public Health is reassuring Iowans they shouldn’t fret about coronavirus. Doctor Caitlin Pedati says while there is a single case confirmed in the northwestern U.S., the potentially-fatal virus is not a big concern, but it’s good for Iowans to have it on their radar. “The overall risk […]
A Humboldt County man will spend nearly two years in prison on a gun charge. Thirty-two-year-old Mathew Fowler of Bradgate pleaded guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm in connections with his arrest in February of 2019. Police say Fowler pushed and choked his wife when she threatened to leave him and […]
A bill under consideration in the legislature would let county attorneys apply for professional weapons permits, so they could carry guns in most places where guns are banned. Assistant Polk County Attorney Bret Lucas helped draft the bill. He’s gotten death threats because of his work on criminal cases. “Sure, some of those are idle […]