The Iowa Insurance Division is using civil penalties and licensing fees paid to the agency to fund a financial literacy program aimed at women. The program is called SmartHER Money. The Iowa Insurance Division paid an Iowa-based consulting firm called AMPERAGE $257,000 to create, advertise and manage the program. A SmartHER Money conference is planned […]
The pace of vaccinations appears to be trending up slightly in Iowa as the number of patients hospitalized in Iowa with Covid grows. In the past 40 days, the number of Covid patients in Iowa hospitals has grown from 46 to more than 200 — a 77% increase. The Iowa Department of Public Health’s weekly […]
An Iowa State University graduate whose company builds life-size sculptures out of LEGO bricks will create a tribute to one of the Ames institution’s most famous graduates during the Iowa State Fair. Chris Ihle, who runs We Build U, was hired by his alma mater to create a LEGO George Washington Carver, but the innovative […]
Cities across the state hosted “National Night Out” events Tuesday and the event in Manchester was sponsored by the Delaware County “Back the Blue” group. Iowa State Patrol Public Resource Officer Jon Stickney, explains its goal. “It’s a group that came together who throughout recent events in the past year with law enforcement being degraded…and […]
A Fort Dodge man facing a bank robbery charge in a Greene County had pleaded guilty. Twenty-seven-year-old Zachary Michael Wailes has admitted to entering a bank in Scranton while armed with a pistol in late February. Twenty-six-year-old Tyler Mattingly of Carroll, entered a guilty plea to first-degree theft, as part of a plea deal for […]