Goodwill Shout Out to Shoppers

Our season has ended – See you next year!



We’ve teamed up with Goodwill Industries of Northeast Iowa to announce your upcoming garage or yard sale for FREE!

Upcoming sales will be read on 93.5 The Mix every Thursday morning at 8:45 and will be available to download.

Download the latest list of sales here

-Submission deadline is the Wednesday prior to your sale, at noon.
-Incomplete submissions will not be published.
-Commercial sales will not be published.
-Charity or non-profit organization sales may be submitted.
-Information for sales may also be submitted by phone.
-Call our business line at (319) 277-1918 with any questions.
-We reserve the right to refuse the publishing of any submission.

After your sale is over, box up your items and donate them to your local Goodwill. Check out for a complete list of Goodwill locations.
-Goodwill gladly accepts gently used clothing, shoes, housewares, smaller electrical appliances, furniture, computers and books.
-Goodwill does NOT accept large appliances, mattresses, carpet remnants, chemical products, tires, baby furniture/car seats, magazines, TVs, curtain/drapery rods or live plants.

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