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Election Day Tuesday

People will be going to the polls today as several special elections will be taking place in our area.

The City of Waterloo will be voting on a measure to issue $20 million in general obligation notes for a fiber optic broadband communications system.

The Hudson School District will be voting on three measures: a measure to issues $11.6 million in general obligation bonds for construction and renovation projects, a measure to adopt a Revenue Purpose Statement that specifies the use of revenues that the Hudson Community School District will receive from the State of Iowa Secure an Advanced Vision for Education Fund, and a measure to levy a physical plant and equipment tax not to exceed $1.34 per $1,000 of assessed taxable property.

And voters in the Gladbrook-Reinbeck Community School District will vote on a proposed $23.6 million school bond issue. The district hopes to provide a number of necessary improvements to the school facilities in Reinbeck. The district sits within Tama, Black Hawk, Grundy and Marshall Counties.


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