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2020 ‘Bracket Attack – Mayhem Edition’ has begun!

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Tuesday – 3/24 A.M. Results:

East Region

1-Tim Downs vs. 16-Ben Schwartz

8-Del Donaldson vs. 9-Big Poppas

5-Dylan Lancaster vs. 12-March Sadness

4-Tarrence Peterson vs. 13-MSQ Panther 4 Life

Wednesday – 3/25 A.M. Results:

East Region

6-Phoned It In vs. 11-Jeremy Schlader

3-Alex Lynch vs. 14-Weldon 51ers

7-Lucas Dewolf vs. 10-Wilks Warriors

2-Mike Sell vs. 15-Brandon Rogers

Tuesday – 3/24 P.M. Results:

West Region

1-Chris Mihm vs. 16-Garzilla 55ers

8-Let The Peacock Fly vs. 9-Dana Eggleston

5-TwinsWin vs. 12-Prohm’s Posse

4-Mark Fleming vs. 13-Blake Gitch

Wednesday – 3/25 P.M. Results:

West Region

6-Chicken Lips vs. 11-Ray Benson

3-Ryan Kleitsch vs. 14-Fran’s Fighters

7-Kyle Taylor vs. 10-Bob’s Ballers

2-Jacob Clark vs. 15-KimLou

Thursday – 3/26 A.M. Results:

Midwest Region

1-Becks Ball Busters vs. 16-Andrew Scheel

8-Matthew McConaughy vs. 9-Barnyard Ballers

5-Joe Benhoff vs. 12-The Fightin Fox-Wolves

4-Gene Peterson vs. 13-UNI

Thursday – 3/26 P.M. Results:

South Region

1-LeatherClones vs. 16-Bill’s Bulldogs

8-Iowa Thrashers vs. 9-David Reuter

5-Justin Jackson vs. 12-Defending Champs

4-Adam Peterson vs. 13-Joshua Rekers

Friday – 3/27 A.M. Results:

Midwest Region

6-Stacey Falck vs. 11-Al’s Team

3-Clint Murty vs 14-Heisenberg

7-G’Town Ballers vs. 10-Kyle Everts

2-Lou-sers vs. 15-Swish-Cheesers

Friday – 3/27 P.M. Results:

South Region

6-Jon Laty vs. 11-Greek Freaks

3-COVID-19ers vs. 14-Da Panthers

7-The Bracketeering Charleighs vs. 10-Curt Neff

2-Diaper Dandies vs. 15-Justin Bartels

Post-1st Round Bracket Update:

(CLICK HERE for an enlarged bracket)

Monday – 3/30 A.M. Results:

East Region

1-Tim Downs vs. 9-Big Poppas

5-Dylan Lancaster vs. 13-MSQ Panther 4 Life

11-Jeremy Schladers vs. 3-Alex Lynch

Monday – 3/30 P.M. Results:

West & Midwest Region

1-Chris Mihm vs. 8-Let The Peacock Fly

5-TwinsWin vs. 4-Mark Fleming

6-Chicken Lips vs. 3-Ryan Kleitsch

Tuesday – 3/31 A.M. Results:

East & Midwest Region

7-Lucas Dewolf vs. 2-Mike Sell

1-Becks Ball Busters vs. 8-Matthew McConaughy

5-Joe Benhoff vs. 4-Gene Peterson

Tuesday – 3/31 P.M. Results:

West & South Region

7-Kyle Taylor vs. 15-KimLou

1-LeatherClones vs. 8-Iowa Thrashers

5-Justin Jackson vs. 4-Adam Peterson

Wednesday – 4/1 A.M. Results:

Midwest Region

6-Stacey Falck vs. 3-Clint Murty

7-G’Town Ballers vs. 2-Lou-sers

Wednesday – 4/1 P.M. Results:

South Region

6-Jon Laty vs. 3-COVID 19ers

2-Diaper Dandies vs. 7-Bracketeering Charleighs

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