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Iowans who are looking for full-time work and students who need a summer job can find plenty of options through a state agency. Jennifer Andrade, at Iowa Workforce Development, suggests starting with the website “You can take a look at the job description, what are the day-to-day responsibilities for that career, what training might […]
Iowa’s new “acting” lieutenant governor says he sees God’s hand in what’s just happened in Iowa’s political scene. “God has a plan for everything, long before we ever even know about it,” acting Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg said Friday. Gregg visited his hometown of Hawarden on Friday morning. Gregg listed a series of events — […]
A recent report in USA Today warns of the dangers of a new type of pest called the “seed tick,” but Iowa State University entomologist Donald Lewis says technically, the story is wrong. “It is not a different species of tick,” Lewis says. “It’s certainly not something new, I’ve used the phrase seed tick for […]
More than 2400 hogs died in a fire at a hog confinement in northwest Iowa’s Plymouth County. Fire fighters from five communities fought the blaze. The fire was reported at about 10:30 this morning. According to Kingsley Fire Chief Paul Huth, the hog barn was fully engulfed when firefighters arrived on the scene. He says the barn […]
Iowa’s seeing more than its share of heavy thunderstorms this spring and the rough weather has brought power outages to thousands of us. Some Iowans may be wondering how long the food in the fridge will remain good. Brian Hanft, at the Cerro Gordo County Health Department in Mason City, says it depends on the […]